Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Loosing our loved ones has inspired us to help others.  Through each of the life stories and end of life experiences we’ve come to know, we have found a true need to bring support, training and education into our community.  We love and miss everyone.

Tom Karsell born October 16, 1973 died January 8, 2010 at the age of 36

A great guy with a big smile and contagious laugh.  Compassionate and funny, he loved to spend time with friends and family.  Riding motorcycles, listening to music, scuba diving, playing horseshoes and video games with his friends, and spending time together with his nephews and grandmothers were among his favorite things to do.  He treasured traveling to places like Germany, the Netherlands, British Virgin Islands, Cozumel and all over the US, including Alaska.  Tom seemed to know a lot about just anything, and love to talk with anyone.  Tom’s condition was never properly diagnosed or treated, we know he suffered from deep depression in the weeks leading up to his death.  His kind warm heart, and big smile are missed by everyone.


Pamela Christine Mitchell born January 16, 1973 died August 18, 2009 at the age of 36

Our loving and lovable, Pam. Her most important thing – family and friends. She loves fashion, helping and giving to people, finding the origin and history of just about everything, laughing, decorating her home, music and live concerts – favorite Bare Naked Ladies – took a cruise with them, cooking, decorating beautiful cakes, travel, solving mysteries, the National Parks she worked with, her Voodoo Blue FJ Cruiser, Halloween, collecting things of beauty, playing April Fools jokes-did it very convincingly. She delighted in spending time with her four favorite people… best friend Heather, nephews Gus and Jack Mitchell and her Pug, Tyson Mitchell. (“My sweet baby – Mom, he might as well have come from my womb!!”) During her lifetime, she touched the hearts and lives of so many people with her kindness and generosity, her loyalty and friendship. Her unexpected divorce triggered a major depression, and after 4 years of it, she took her life.We miss our wonderful Pam.


Steve Lacey born November 20, 1964 died January 6, 2009 at the age of 44

aka: Steve-O.  A kind, loving, fun person that adored children.  He was a big kid himself.  After years of self medicating with drugs and alcohol, he took his life at his home in Littleton.  His family tried to help him with the real challenges of depression and anxiety, but he could not accept the help.  He was forever the tough guy.  He had been labeled from childhood as the “The Bad Kid”, when he would have been diagnosed today, with what we suspect was ADHD and depression.  This photo, is of Steve with his sister’s first grandchild, Isabella in May 2006.  It personifies he he was to us.  We miss you Steve.



Carson J Spencer born December 24, 1969 died December 7, 2004 at the age of 34

A bright light that burned out too quickly

Carson Spencer was an exceptional man. From an early age he showed unparalleled charisma and drive, and he quickly excelled in anything related to sales and entrepreneurship. Carson made friends easily, but more important, he had a gift of finding the “golden nugget” inside every person he met — the things that made them special and the things they cared most about. He was funny, adventurous, always the life of any party.  And he had bipolar disorder. He managed his depression outside of the public eye. The world knew him as a gifted and magical person; he never let on about his disease. But in the summer of 2004, Carson had his first full-blown episode of mania and proceeded to make a series of destructive decisions that derailed his life. He left his wife, dissolved his business partnership and spent his life savings all within a couple of months. For the family, it was like watching a train wreck, and when he crashed, he experienced a depression like never before. He lost hope that he could get his old life back, he was filled with self loathing, and on December 7, 2004, he took his life. His death sent shock waves through his circles of friends and business associates and completely devastated those closest to him. Through the work of the Carson J Spencer Foundation we honor his life and carry on his gift of helping others and his entrepreneurial spirit. We hope to keep his light going.