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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Fact: The most at risk… 75% of suicides are men of working age, and elderly men have the highest suicide rate per demographic.  Between 2000-2009, there were 381 known child/teen deaths (ages 10-18) in Colorado.

Fact: Suicide happens much more often than most people are aware. For every 2 homicides there are 3 suicides, and yet with the media coverage for homicide, you’d expect the reverse to be true.  In many areas, there are more deaths from suicide than there are to motor vehicle crashes. A tremendous amount of money is put toward road care, safe driver enforcement, and vehicle safety, and yet very little is dedicated to suicide awareness, prevention and intervention.

Fact: More Americans suffer from depression than coronary heart disease, cancer and AIDS combined.  2 out of 3 people who suffer from depression will never get help.  Depression is a leading cause of suicide.

Fact: A suicide completion happens about once every sixteen minutes, and a suicide attempt occurs about once a minute. Between 12%-20% of people have seriously considered suicide at some point in their lives.

Fact: There are almost always warning signs, but others are often unaware of their significance or do not know what to do.  Almost all people who eventually die by suicide have given some clue or warning. When suicidal threats are not taken seriously, the person may conclude that no one cares.

Fact: Most suicidal people are ambivalent, wavering until the very last moment between wanting to live and wanting to die. For example, people in a suicidal crisis frequently call for help immediately following a suicide attempt. The impulse to end it all, however overpowering, does not last forever.  Suicide is preventable.

Fact: We have many challenges… the stigma surrounding words like mental health and suicide, access to qualified and/or affordable care, lack of education for the general public and health care professionals and